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The Potters' Studio is a one-of-a-kind ceramics center in Berkeley, California. Helping artists reach their full potential is an important goal, and as part of our program we provide hard-to-find training in studio skills that are important to serious artists, such as how to fire electric and gas kilns and how to mix glazes. Our artists sell their work in our gallery and all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

We offer memberships with 24/7 access, classes, regular high-quality weekly firings, a gallery, and much more. It's a great place to learn, and if you're a more experienced ceramics artist looking for a place to just do your own thing, this is the place!

The Berkeley Potters' Studio - Maija Williams mask
Journey Toward the Heart
In The Potters' Studio Gallery
Oct. 11 - Nov. 9
Opening: Sat. Oct. 11, 6-8pm

Join us for a show featuring 70 pieces by Maija Williams, with additional work by other talented artists. Refreshments, music and dance performances by two of our members:
Robin Petrie: Acoustic santour and guitar
Ron Ortman: Indonesian dance

Maija Williams, with
Aimee Bosschart
Toni Clark
Tara Daly
Robin Petrie
Cori Spence
Event at The Potters' Studio
Lynne Meade
Porcelain Carving Workshop
Sunday, Nov. 2, 10-4pm

Learn to carve porcelain from a master. Lynne has taken inspiration from traditional sources, such as ceramic artists in Mata Ortiz, Mexico, and made something more contemporary. "Many carved porcelains are very shallow and the glaze creates the look of depth,” said Lynne. “Instead my carvings are so deep I almost make a sculpture." She keeps to a simple color palette to let the design speak for itself.

This intensive hands-on workshop will cover the design, carving, and production techniques Lynne has developed.

She will demonstrate simple methods to quickly draw a grid on three dimensional pieces. This makes mapping out symmetrical designs very easy. It is a skill that will translate to other decorating techniques and helps students to consider the elements of design and how surface design and form need to be in harmony

Students will then learn specific carving techniques. Once Lynne shows students the basic techniques, she works with each person individually to get them working with the techniques correctly. By the end of the workshop each student should have an understanding of the techniques and at least one finished bone dry piece.

Potters’ Studio Members/Students: $75
Non-PS attendees: $90

Class size is limited due to individual instruction. Sign up ASAP to reserve your space.