with visiting artists Mark Pharis and Matthew Metz
~In Conjunction with Trax Gallery~

Sat, Nov. 18: 1pm – 4pm: Demonstration and Slides
Sun, Nov. 19: 10am - 4pm: Demonstrations and Discussion

Opening of Mark and Matthew's work at Trax Gallery on Sun, Nov. 19: 5pm – 7pm

Mark Pharis
Matthew Metz

Mark Pharis will focus on hand-building utilitarian, sculptural vessels. He uses CAD software to develop his ideas and then creates flat patterns much like a seamstress uses to create his forms.

Matthew Metz will use the potter’s wheel to make functional forms and demonstrate decorating techniques using slip, sgraffito and sprigging.

Both artists will discuss their studio practice and welcome dialogue with the audience.

Cost: $150

Email events@berkeleypottersstudio.com or call 510-528-3286 to register.

The Potters' Studio interior photo