The Potters' Studio is a one-of-a-kind ceramics center in Berkeley, California. Helping artists reach their full potential is an important goal, and as part of our program we provide hard-to-find training in studio skills that are important to serious artists, such as how to fire electric and gas kilns and how to mix glazes. Our artists sell their work in our gallery and all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

We offer memberships with 24/7 access, classes, regular high-quality weekly firings, a gallery, and much more. It's a great place to learn, and if you're a more experienced ceramics artist looking for a place to just do your own thing, this is the place!

Emma Fowler's show, Variance, at The Potters' Studio
The Potters' Studio Gallery Presents "Variance: A series of materials colliding" by Emma Fowler
April 4 - 26
Opening reception: April 4, 5 - 8pm

Variance is a show of ceramic tiles. They are made with a single-fire glazing technique. This method is both more economical and environmentally friendly. I explore 9 different chemicals. Their interactions are recorded on these tiles. The tiles are intentionally small scale to force the viewer to examine them at a close range. In this space, the glazes are most dynamic. This intimate vantage echoes the relationship between the layers of materials; the viewer is part of the layering.

Looking at my eyelids I wait to settle
to fall into something that seems to hold steady
|but really| to be covered to be beneath
another version of my self

Event at The Potters' Studio
Pop-Up Pottery Shop
@ The Potters' Studio
Saturdays, 11-5pm through March

Please stop by The Potters' Studio Gallery Saturdays thru the end of March. We will have pottery and sculpture for sale by some of the members of The Potters' Studio.

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Barbara Llewellyn
Emily Mulkeen
Janet Welch
Jennifer Joh
Judy Grether
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