Jenny Mendes
A Jenny Mendes Workshop
Painting on Clay with Terra Sigillata

(In Conjunction with Trax Gallery)

March 18, 19: 10am - 4pm each day

Opening of Jenny’s work at Trax Gallery on Sat., 3/18, 5pm - 7pm

This hands-on, two-day workshop is for anyone who wants to awaken possibilities in their work through the imaginative use of color in ceramic surface decoration. Jenny will demonstrate various colorful ways to approach the surface as a painter by means of a palette of terra sigillatas, underglaze, washes and oxides. She will present her "low-tech method" of making terra sigillata with emphasis on helping participants relax and play with color, texture and imagery on the surface of their work. We will spend the first morning making small works to decorate. Bring visual inspiration, brushes, bisque-ware or green-ware to work on as well if you have it. A willingness to have fun and embrace the deliberate awkwardness of finding oneself in unknown territory is the only prerequisite! All levels welcome.

Jenny Mendes was born in Cleveland, OH. She has a BFA in ceramics from Washington University in St. Louis. She has exhibited her ceramic artwork nationally at galleries and juried shows. A full-time studio artist since the mid-1990’s, Jenny’s work is influenced by mythology and folk art. Figurative imagery, both human and animal, is used extensively in her body of work that includes tiles, prints, sculpture, pots and jewelry. Working within a human/animal narrative, she engages in a dialogue that witnesses and reflects an invitation into her world.

Cost: $225

Email, call 510-528-3286, or visit to arrange payment. Limited enrollment.

Robbie Lobell
A Robbie Lobell Workshop
Clay Cooking Pots ~ From the Kitchen to the Table

April 8, 9: 10am - 4:30pm each day

This two-day hands-on workshop introduces participants to high-fire flameware for making clay cooking pots. We will explore the utilitarian necessities of a clay cooking pot for use in the oven and broiler, on the stovetop or grill; and the many aesthetic considerations for a beautiful pot presented directly to the table from the kitchen.

Casseroles, broilers, bakers, roasters, teakettles, skillets, saucepots, oven/pizza stones, trivets (and more) are all possible forms that may be investigated. Demonstrations, hands-on practice, and discussion will give participants a solid foundation for working with Robbie’s high-fire flameware clay recipe (the original recipe formulated by Karen Karnes). Note: unlike low-fire cookware, this clay body is high-fired and extremely chip and crack resistant. Remarkably, these pots may easily be transferred from the refrigerator or freezer to a hot cooking environment and back again.

To kick off the workshop, we will have an open house on the evening of Friday, 4/7. Robbie will give a brief slide presentation about flameware and the business she started called "CookOnClay." Several cooks will demonstrate cooking on "CookOnClay" cookware, share food and wine and mingle with other clay enthusiasts.

Cost: PS Members and Students: $22  |  Others: $250

Email, call 510-528-3286, or visit to arrange payment. Limited enrollment.

Soda Kiln Workshop
Painting with Fire
3-Day Soda Firing Workshop
With Shawn Kam and Leah Bowring

Apr. 22 (10-4pm), Apr. 23 (7-5pm* -- includes 3-hour break), & Apr. 26 (6-9pm)

Join us at The Potters’ Studio in Berkeley for an intensive introductory course to soda firing with hands-on training in loading and firing work, making wadding and cone packs, and general safety and care for equipment. Saturday we will discuss clay bodies and firing methods to achieve various aesthetics, apply flashing slips and glazes, and load the kiln. The kiln is fired all day Sunday and unloaded on Wednesday evening. Each person is given one cubic foot of space in the soda firing, so bring CONE 10 bisqueware. Cups are ideal sizes for the stack.

There are 12 spots total.Soda workshops will run every 3-4 months.

Cost: PS Members/Students: $250  |  Others: $275

Shawn Kam is the owner of Luvhaus Ceramics and Leah Bowring is The Potters' Studio's Operations Manager.

*Soda firing times may vary, so be prepared to stay until the end of the firing to get the most out of the workshop.

Email or call 510-528-3286 to register.

Bede Clark
A Bede Clark Workshop
Drawing & Painting on Clay: Line, Color, Imagery

(In Conjunction with Trax Gallery)

May 20, 21: 10am - 4:30pm each day

Opening of Bede’s work at Trax Gallery on Sat., 5/20, 5pm - 7pm

This two-day hands-on workshop will focus on building a personal approach to working with imagery (representational or abstract) on clay. We will explore colored slips, stains, wheel thrown pottery, tiles and hand-built forms. Bring sketches, ideas and doodles to put on clay. We’ll have demonstrations, slides and group discussions. Anyone with beginning through advanced ceramics experience is welcome. Those who draw or paint who wish to cross over into clay work are also encouraged to attend. Participants will be encouraged to explore either handbuilding or wheel techniques to create new works, or they may chose to bring green-ware or bisque-ware to decorate. Bring brushes, visual resources and ideas for imagery to expand on and explore.

Bede Clarke has been a Professor of Art at the University of Missouri since 1992. His work is found in collections throughout the U.S. and abroad. Bede maintains a studio in Columbia, Missouri where he continues to explore both earthenware and wood-fired work.

Cost: PS Members and Students: $225  |  Others: $250

Email, call 510-528-3286, or visit to arrange payment. Limited enrollment.