Firing Services

No firing services/drop-off/day-use on Thu. and Fri., Nov. 23 and Nov. 24, due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Firing services resume Sat. Nov. 24 as usual (drop-off 11am-4:30pm). We're open seven days a week.

If you've got some pottery that you've made at home, in a class, or somewhere else and would like to have it fired in our kilns, The Potters' Studio in Berkeley can do that. We offer bisque and glaze firing services in our electric and gas kilns on a contract basis.

We no longer do non-standard custom firing programs for non-members/students (i.e., firings with custom programming including extra-long holds, non-standard temperatures or controlled cooling segments). Our standard electric bisque firing includes a pre-heat segment (50-80 degrees per hour to 180 degrees, with a three-hour hold), and then fires from that point with the standard Skutt slow cone-fire programming to Cone 05 (~1888 degrees). Extra-thick work (beyond about 3/4") typically requires a customized, extra-long firing -- because there's such a high risk of cracking or explosion if thick work is fired with a standard slow cone-fire program, so we no longer do this for contract firers.

NOTE: Beginning Oct. 21 and continuing through the end of 2017, contract firers will still be able to come in to drop work off for firing on weekends, but will not be able to do any work, including glazing, on Saturdays (Sundays are OK for glazing). Also, because there's so much work to fire then, there will be a ONE CUBIC FOOT MAXIMUM of total work fired (low, mid, or high together) per week for contract firers (from Oct. 21 through the end of the year). Please do not bring more than that, or be prepared to take any extra home with you, as we do not have the storage space for it.

Low-Fire Electric Bisque and Glaze Firings

  • Low temperature Cone 05 electric firings are done throughout the week/weekends, almost daily.
  • Turn-around time depends on the queue but is generally 3-7 days.
  • Work must be completely dry.
  • Glazed work must not have any glaze on the bottom.
  • No customized (i.e., extra-long/slow) firings. See paragraph above.
  • Cost: $27 a cubic foot (or $.0156 a cubic inch)***

Mid-Fire Electric Firings

  • The temperature is Cone 5-6.
  • Because the demand isn't as high for these firings, the turn-around might be closer to a week, as we have to have enough work to fill a kiln. We've got 8 electric kilns, however, quite small to quite big, so we can probably accomodate you.
  • Glazed work must not have any glaze on the bottom.
  • Cost: $35 a foot (or $.0203 a cubic inch)***

Hi-Fire Gas Reduction Firings

  • The temperature is Cone 10-11.
  • Loading is done on Mon. and Wed.
  • Firing is done on Tue. and Thu.
  • Unloading is done on Wed. and Fri./Sat.
  • The use of our 18 glazes is optional ($6 a cubic foot of work). A glazing day-pass ($15) or one-day pass is necessary to use the studio for glaze application.
  • Glazed work must not have any glaze on the bottom.
  • Cost: $42 a foot (or $.0243 a cubic inch)***

Payment is due at the time of drop off. $20 minimum charge.

*** Size is calculated as width" x length" x height" (for height, add 2 extra inches)