24/7 Memberships

NOTE: Our membership is full. There's a waiting list for new memberships, and openings are dependent on current members leaving. As of 9/27/2017, our best guess on getting in if you're new to the waitlist is spring 2018. Contact us to get on the waiting list.

Looking for a place to work on your pottery/ceramics 24/7? Have it fired for you at a reasonable fee? Of fire it yourself in our electric or gas kilns? Even learn to fire it yourself with free training?

The Potters' Studio in Berkeley is the place, just off the freeway (Gilman Street exit). We offer an amazing opportunity for potters to do their own work using our equipment, tools, materials and facilities.

$160 a month (+ a $160 refundable security deposit) gets you:

Equipment and facilities:


It's really an amazing opportunity and a great supportive community with knowledge and advice freely exchanged .

Stop by for a visit and we'll show you around.